Service that we provide

Engineering and Project Management Consulting for:

Renewable Energy

  • Engineering solutions to go Net-Zero for commercial and industrial facilities, adapted to their operation’s scale.
  • Project management for renewable energy initiatives, for communities and public or private organizations.
  • Engineering and Project management for overhaul and maintenance of renewable energy generation equipment and facilities, especially hydroelectric turbines, but not excluding solar PV arrangements, and wind generation farms. This include developing of maintenance programs, refurbishing and upgrade, and full support from project conceptualization to execution, commissioning and start-up, including technical supervision during all stages, quality control of deliverables, operational support, and financial management of the project.
  • Hydroelectric Plants: perform condition assessments to Hydro Plants, including Turbine and Generator equipment, all balance of plant equipment and civil infrastructure.
  • Project management and technical advisory for Tidal energy initiatives, at different levels of development.

Energy Efficiency and Energy Management

  • Energy audits for commercial and industrial facilities, using state of the art tools and equipment.

  • Energy modeling for any kind of facility.

  • Engineering for energy efficiency alternatives and solutions for facilities and their operational processes.

  • Benchmarking: compare the energy usage and real savings of already deployed energy efficiency measures in a facility. Conduct post-commissioning independent audits.

  • Feasibility studies, including risk analysis, sensibility studies, and capital forecasts for the implementation of different Energy Efficiency Measures on the facility.

Sustainability Initiatives

  • Technical advisory in matters regarding how to make a grid greener, more sustainable, and resilient.

  • Independent revision of already deployed sustainability initiatives and projects, regardless of the development status.

Added value Services - Technical Translations

  • Spanish / English and English / Spanish technical translation services to organizations in different sectors, not only the energy sector but as well manufacturing, product development, maintenance, import/export etc.
  • Translation of operating manuals, technical standards, instructions, technical brochures, training material, presentation, drawings and specifications, in both languages.
  • Technical translation is a specialized skill, that requires experience in the field and heavy technical background to understand the real meaning of words and expressions, especially technical terminology, in both languages, to avoid mistakes and misunderstanding by the clients and the people that will use the material translated.


  • It is a service aimed to create a DIGITAL TWIN of an asset that, due to different causes, does not have a drawing, and measuring it with standard methods may probe to be extremely difficult or impossible.
  • The size of the asset is not a constraint.
  • Goal of the Reverse Engineering Service:
    • Creation of the Digital Twin of the asset
    • Creation of reference drawings:
    • For operations reference
    • For repairs at internal or external shops
    • For re-modeling: develop a new piece based on an original with specific modifications
    • For re-cast: develop a new mold to cast a new piece, being an exact clone of the original one.
    • For material strength analysis: certification of hoists and lifting devices for example.
    • For Finite Element Analysis
3D Scan and Reverse Engineering

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who we are

Who’s our target market?


Private and public, that requires technical and managerial assistance for their projects related to sustainability goals, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Commercial and industrial customers

Especially with facilities and operations that require energy audits, assessments, and engineering effort to become more energy efficient, and at the same time less dependent of the grid through on-site renewable energy solutions.

Utilities and power generation companies

which requires help to manage their renewable energy projects’ portfolio and initiatives (hydro, solar and wind), upgrades to renewable energy facilities (especially but not limited to hydroelectric ones), as well initiatives to make their grid greener and more sustainable.

Zenahir Alvarado

Technical Translation Consultant

  • Experienced Electronic Engineer with 10 years of experience in the educational area.
  • Experience in Preventive and Corrective Maintenance, monitoring and reporting relevant key performance indicators.
  • Experience working with ISO standards and internal quality guidelines.
  • Fluent English and Spanish. 
  • Experience in technical translations Spanish – English and English – Spanish.
  • Social Media Specialist.

Levi Morrison

Finite Element Analisys and PM Consultant

  • Senior Project Manager with over 5 years management experience in consultancy setting; over 10 yrs engineering industry experience, and experience working with and for Indigenous led organizations, working with for-profit and non-profit organizations, working primarily within Marine and Blast fields, and working in both virtual and in-person environments. 
  • Completed over 60 Finite Element Projects for both commercial and governmental clients
  • Proficient with both commercial and government analytical software such as Hypermesh, VAST, LS-DYNA, NASTRAN, SACS, SHIPRIGHT, LR RULESCALC, HYDRO-FD, WAEVLOAD-FD, TRIDENT FEA, NGY, SubSAS, and STRUC_R.
  • Sessional lecturer at CIVL4711, and Senior Project Manager at Ulnooweg overseeing management staff.